How Dissolvo Works

How Dissolvo Works


How Dissolvo Works

Trace and Impress
Trace pipe’s inner diameter by pressing paper along pipe edge, creating an impression. Then fold to form a 90° angle.

Cut in a circle around the impression, approximately one-third times greater than pipe diameter.

Slit approximately 1″ to 2″ segments perpendicular to impression on paper making first slit at 12 o’clock position followed by 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and so on.

Position Inside Pipe and Tape in Place
Cut Aquasol Water Soluble Tape into pieces. Position slit Aquasol Water Soluble Paper dam inside pipe. Secure dam with tape pieces along the entire circumference.


Moisten Sponge
Moisten an ordinary sponge with water and squeeze out excess water until sponge is damp.

Lightly Dab
Lightly dab sponge along the water soluble tape portion of the dam. The dampened sponge will reactivate the adhesive to ensure low air permeability.

Repeat process on the opposite side of the pipe to define purge chamber

Introduce Gas
Insert purge gas needle into root gap and introduce noble gas, while ensuring connection to gas line.

Carry out the welding process.

Introduce Water to Dissolvo Water Soluble Paper and Tape and watch them disperse, clearing the pipeline.

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