Water Soluble Paper


Dissolvo Water Soluble Paper is a proven ecologically friendly purging solution.

Used to retain noble gases during the purging process, Dissolvo can be constructed into dams of any pipe diameter and placed in close proximity to the weld zone.

Comprised of 100% biodegradable sodium carboxyl methyl cellulose and  wooden pulp, Dissolvo disperses when introduced to water and most aqueous solutions, leaving no residue behind.

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and I-Purge® X

ipurge-1 The innovation I-Purge and I-Purge X Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems are the most versatile reusable pipe purging solutions. Several purge requirements are met with one interchangeable solution.

Made in the USA, these units are equipped with quick connected fittings, high heat extended harnesses, as inert gas diffuser and a tri-flow tubing system and easily convert into a one sided plug or a reducer. The I-Purge X expands to fit multiple pipe sizes.

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fiback-1 Fiback Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape eliminates the need for back purging, post-weld grinding and back gouging. The fiberglass center covers the root gap supporting the backside of the weld, ensuring a high quality finish.

Fiback is flexible, high heat resistant, as well as halogen and fluorocarbon-free. It is Ideal for sheet-to-sheet, plate-to-plate, pressure vessels and large diameter pipes and tanks, SMAW, TIG, and MIG welding processes.

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PRO OX® - 100

pro-ox-100-1 The CE Approved PRO OX-100 programmable handheld digital oxygen monitor measures down to 0.01% (100 ppm) oxygen resolution.

The self-calibrating PRO OX-100 is equipped with many advanced technological features such as data logging capabilities that export up to 50 data points to Microsoft® Excel and plain text format, a built-in audiovisual alarm system, an internal pump and a multi-language function with translated on-screen instructions.

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