Dissolvo Water Soluble Paper is the proven, efficient and ecologically friendly purging solution.

Used to retain inert gas during TIG welding of stainless steel and aluminum pipes, Dissolvo can be constructed into purge dams fitting all diameters and placed within close proximity to the weld zone.

Dissolvo provides an excellent barrier to create the ideal purge environment by trapping inert gas within the weld zone, while preventing oxygen from entering and causing contamination. Thus, Dissolvo is cost effective, reducing the amount of expensive inert gas needed to create a superior purge.

Comprised of 100% biodegradable sodium carboxyl methyl, cellulose and wooden pulp, Dissolvo quickly disperses when introduced to water and most aqueous solutions, leaving no residue behind in the pipeline.

Dissolvo is available in a wide range of grades and sizes and is non-toxic, making it ideal for the nuclear, petrochemical, and food and beverage industries.

Purge Gas Barrier for Any Pipe Diameter 
  • Fast and easy construction into purge dam that fits any pipe schedule and size
  • Retains inert gas, while preventing oxygen contamination
  • Can be placed near weld zone, reducing amount of expensive inert gas used to create purge environment
  • Create an air tight seal by secur ing dam to pipe wall with Dissolvo Water SolubleTape
Green, Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly  
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made of sodium carboxy methyl cellulose & wooden pulp
  • Ideal for nuclear, petrochemical, food and beverage industr ies
Effortless Removal Process
  • Disperses when introduced to water and most aqueous solutions
  • Eliminates post weld process
  • Nothing remains in the pipeline
  • Eliminates extra labor associated with device removal, saving time and money.
  • Available in wide range of sizes, grades and forms

How Dissolvo Works

Trace and Impress

Trace pipe’s inner diameter by pressing paper along pipe edge, creating an impression. Then fold to form a 90° angle.


Cut in a circle around the impression, approximately one-third times greater than pipe diameter.


Slit approximately 1″ to 2″ segments perpendicular to impression on paper making first slit at 12 o’clock position followed by 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and so on.

Position Inside Pipe and Tape in Place

Cut Aquasol Water Soluble Tape into pieces. Position slit Aquasol Water Soluble Paper dam inside pipe. Secure dam with tape pieces along the entire circumference.

Moisten Sponge

Moisten an ordinary sponge with water and squeeze out excess water until sponge is damp.

Lightly Dab

Lightly dab sponge along the water soluble tape portion of the dam. The dampened sponge will reactivate the adhesive to ensure low air permeability.


Repeat process on the opposite side of the pipe to define purge chamber

Introduce Gas

Insert purge gas needle into root gap and introduce noble gas, while ensuring connection to gas line.


Carry out the welding process.


Introduce Water to Dissolvo Water Soluble Paper and Tape and watch them disperse, clearing the pipeline.

Dissolvo Purge Paper and Purge Tape
Item No Description Dimensions Type Case Pack
English Metric
D01S WLD35 8 1/2" x 11" 22 cm x 28 cm Sheet 1000 sheets/ream
D02S WLD35 8 1/2" x 14" 22 cm x 36 cm Sheet 1000 sheets/ream
D03S WLD35 17" x 22" 43 cm x 56 cm Sheet 500 sheets/ream
DW209165 WLD35 9" x 165' 23 cm x 50 m Roll 4 rolls/case
DW215165 WLD35 15 1/2" x 165' 39 cm x 50 m Roll 4 rolls/case
DWAC320 WLD40C 20 1/2" x 165' 52 cm x 50 m Roll 4 rolls/case
DW615022 WLD60 15 1/2" x 22" 39 cm x 56 m Sheet 250 Sheets/ream
DW615165 WLD60 15 1/2" x165' 39 cm x 50 m Roll 4 rolls/case
DW631165 WLD60 31" x 165' 79 cm x 50 m Roll 4 rolls/case
DW14K Tape WAT 1" x 300' 2.5 cm x 92 m Roll 24 rolls/case
DW10K Tape WAT 2" x 300' 5 cm x 92 m Roll 12 rolls/case

Dissolvo Water Soluble Paper and Tape dissolves in most aqueous solutions or steam.

Dissolve in Oil

Dissolvo® Water Soluble Paper and Tape will not dissolve in oil or fuel, however both can be flushed water, steam or an aqueous solution.

Dissolvability In Solvents

Dissolvo® Water Soluble Paper and Tape cannot dissolve in solvents such as MEK or acetone. The products must be flushed water, steam or an aqueous solution.

Dissolve in Hot and Cold Water Temperatures

Dissolvo® Water Soluble Paper and Tape will dissolve in either hot or cold water. However, the rate of dissolvability increases as the temperature of the water increases.

Flash Point

Dissolvo® Water Soluble Paper and Tape have a flash point equivalent to ordinary paper, which is 450°F (232°C).

Safe Components

Dissolvo® Water Soluble Paper and Tape are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Both are non-toxic products that do not cause reactions or adverse effects when used.

Dry Tape

Dissolvo® Water Soluble Tape is designed to allow the user to place the dam in the proper position before maximizing the adhesion of the seal. The strength of the “tack” or “stickiness” of the adhesive allows the user to have control and re-°©‐position the dam if not properly placed on the first attempt. Once the dam is in place, the user can increase adhesion by reactivating the adhesive on the tape portion of the dam with a damp sponge. A tight seal will be formed as it dries.