Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits



Features and Benefits

Purge Gas Barrier for Any Pipe Diameter 

  • Fast and easy construction into purge dam that fits any pipe schedule and size
  • Retains inert gas, while preventing oxygen contamination
  • Can be placed near weld zone, reducing amount of expensive inert gas used to create purge environment
  • Create an air tight seal by secur ing dam to pipe wall with Dissolvo Water SolubleTape

Green, Non-toxic and Eco-Friendly  

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made of sodium carboxy methyl cellulose & wooden pulp
  • Ideal for nuclear, petrochemical, food and beverage industr ies

Effortless Removal Process

  • Disperses when introduced to water and most aqueous solutions
  • Eliminates post weld process
  • Nothing remains in the pipeline
  • Eliminates extra labor associated with device removal, saving time and money.


  • Available in wide range of sizes, grades and forms

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